Caveman Morning Grog Nog


With Rob posting all these great recipes, I thought I’d toss in one of my originals.

When I was a kid my mom used to make a nutritious but not so ordinary snack drink for me. The drink consisted of raw egg, whole milk and a little sugar mixed together. As disgusting as it sounds, it was really a delicious little snack drink. And if you think about it, it’s basically eggnog or liquid ice cream -the good kind, like Haagen Daz; go check the ingredients- in it’s unfrozen form. Aside from the sugar it’s also pretty damn healthy.



Jump ahead to when I started drinking hot tea and coffee, Stewart’s would often have eggnog out with the milk and cream. Adding this chemistry lab concoction to your beverage was delicious. Only it was less than healthy, even if I was too ignorant to know it at the time. Eggnog can be made with about 4-5 ingredients, Stewart’s adds about 20.

Jumping a few more years ahead, while making some serious life changes to fight off inflammation and metabolic syndrome, I discovered Dave Asprey’s Bulletproof Coffee. Dave seems to be a bit neurotic (and I mean that in a good way, Dave), but he’s filled with some great ideas. He’s used himself as a guinea pig for a lot of this stuff, to the tune of $250,000 in gear and experiments.

One of the first things I learned from Dave’s podcast was mixing short and medium chain fats with a little caffeine was a great way to eat breakfast and get on the road in one quick process.  Believe me, everyone that tries blending unsalted grass-fed butter and fresh brewed hot coffee tells me it’s pretty darn good, even if they were skeptics at the beginning. But beyond tasting good and being convenient, it also has some physiological benefits.

If you are doing low carb, intermittent fasting or a ketogenic diet, it will allow you to remain in nutritional ketosis or continue your fast, because the fats in it actually promote ketosis. Bulletproof Coffee is basically butter (short and medium chain fats) and either coconut oil or MCT oil. Coconut oil is 62% MCT oil, so whichever you use, you are getting a lot of medium chain fatty acids (MCT). These fats promote ketosis and also cross the blood brain barrier. This is enhanced by the caffeine in the coffee. Yes, those fats can directly fuel your brain.

While I like Bulletproof Coffee, during the summer I don’t really like hot coffee, even if I do like getting my caffeine and fatty acids in one convenient package. And, if we are being 100% honest, there is absolutely no one in the world who would prefer blended butter coffee to blended heavy cream coffee. So this gives me a little break from the butter and a little summer treat, but with some benefits over straight up cold cream coffee.


Enter my Mom’s little concoction, but upgraded to Caveman Morning Grog Nog.




  • 8oz of small batch roasted coffee (brewed double strong and refrigerated the night before, you can brew a few days worth to save time)
  • 2-3oz of raw milk or pastured heavy cream or for those going dairy free, coconut milk
  • 2-3 pastured raw egg yolks
  • organic cocoa powder (optional, experiment with amount)
  • organic vanilla extract (optional, experiment with amount)
  • ½ (5ml) teaspoon maple syrup (optional, definitely should be avoided if you are in ketosis or intermittent fasting)


  1. Separate egg whites from yolks. Discard the whites, chug them, save for an eggdrop soup, or give away to a friend on an egg white diet.
  2. add yolks, cream, vanilla extract, cocoa, maple syrup to a bullet style blender
  3. blend gently until creamy
  4. add coffee, blend again
  5. Pour into an insulated glass with ice
  6. Enjoy your summer caffeine, vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids


An alternative I’ve also come up with is to freeze coconut water into ice cubes. Then, I will substitute the maple syrup for the coconut water ice cubes. Since you are only looking at about 4oz of ice cubes the total sugar content of this is less than 8g, but makes for a slightly sweeter coffee.

The pastured egg yolks are filled with good fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, and the cream is mostly short chain fats (really quite similar to butter,  butter is just more concentrated). Not quite Bulletproof Coffee composition, but pretty damn healthy. As a matter fact, while Bulletproof Coffee is undeniably satiating and a great source of energy, it’s comparatively nutrient deficient when compared to Caveman Morning Grog Nog.



Caveman Morning Grog Nog and Bulletproof Coffee are kinda like McDonald’s in a cup. Super convenient, only it’s good for you, too!

To keep things a little more manageable, I’ll put up a separate post on where to locally source the ingredients, talk about the nutritional density of this little drink (and compare it do Bulletproof Coffee), and address the overblown dangers of raw dairy and eggs.

Until then, do what you can with what you have!

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